Sunday, July 5, 2020

Big Boss Beatz

In April of 2017, Dj Iceman embarked on a new journey as a beatmaker and thus Big Boss Beatz was born. using Native Instruments Maschine, Dj Iceman is crafting some of the best boom-bap golden era beats this side of Fort Greene. From Tacoma, to Lakewood, To Seattle To Brownsville To Coney Island, Dj Iceman has been crafting the finest Boom Bap goodness. thank you for checking out this talented beatmaker/ music producer


Due to Spotifys New Payout structure, which will take effect Jan 1st 2024,which is even MORE unfair that the current one, I CANNOT in good conscious to have any music on that platform. As independent artists its already hard enough for us to make a living doing what we love.

A lot of us aren't in this for the money, we just want to be heard, but at the same time it would be nice to get back a little bit of what we put in financially. you can still find my music on the other DSPs (until they mess up lol) and i will make a better effort to provide the music here on this website as well. THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!!

Congrats!! Dj Icemans new book The Music Producers Handbook: Navigating The Music Industry just released on Amazon

Congrats!!! The Song "Banditi"
was charted at #12 on the
Czech Republic iTunes Hip-Hop
chart for the week of Jan 29th 2023

Congrats!! The Song "Doom Pause"
was charted at #6 on the UK iTunes 
chart for the week of march 12 2023

Congrats!! The Song "Get Mine (Got Morbid Remix") 
was charted at #15 on the Bahrain iTunes chart for the week of October 16 2022

Congrats!! The Song "Broadway Bookiewas charted at #166 on the French iTunes chart for the week of August 15 2021

I got the privilege to help score this wonderful movie. go check it out on demand now! (Click Pic For IMDB Info)