Robert Anderson, widely known as Dj Iceman, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. A distinguished American beatmaker specializing in Boom Bap Hip-Hop music, Dj Iceman has not only made a significant impact on the music scene but has also transitioned into a multifaceted music entrepreneur.

With a substantial following on Instagram and YouTube, Dj Iceman's content has garnered over a million and a half views since 2017. He's collaborated with iconic figures in the industry, including Havoc, Dungeon Masta, Hell Razah, and Judah Priest. Having produced over 900 beats, he's been a prominent figure in the beatmaking culture, taking a career pivot from active DJing to production.

Dj Iceman's impressive journey doesn't end with his music. In 2018, he founded his production company, Big Boss Beatz, his label Big Boss Records, and his music publishing company, Big Boss Music Publishing. This strategic move granted him true independence and full ownership of his music, showcasing his entrepreneurial prowess.

As a member of various Wu-Tang Affiliated groups and the Northwest-based producer collective Filthy Fingers United, Dj Iceman's influence extends far beyond his music. He's authored four books on the music industry, three of which have claimed best-seller status on Amazon. He's also a public speaker, artist advocate, and an integral part of award-winning film scores, exemplifying his versatility in the industry. His involvement as a voting member of the American Recording Academy and The Songwriters Hall Of Fame underscores his commitment to the industry's future.